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how long are you going to love me for? I'm your mom for the rest of your life. When you get married,we gotta love this kid. There's foenl in there. He needs to see that it's there. Reporter: And Garett thrived. For the first time in his life,alcohol,you did jail time. The local police knew you by your first name. They did. I was a troubled teen. Reporter: He was troubled an on the street when his father kicked him out. You had nowhere to go. I had all my stuff in cardboard boxes and bags. Reporter: His lacrosse Women Jerseys coach Greg freemen drove by and saw him zbp he was lost and worried and scared. Reporter: The Freemans are four biological children of their own took Garett in. Did so cautiously. You laid down the raw. I said there were three rules he had to keep to live here. Pay my tithing. Go to church. Get rid of my friends. And turn my phone in at night. Reporter: If he didn't abide? I said you can't stay here. Reporter: Emily and Greg became mom and dad. You sensed he needed groundries. What dud yoi is think he needed? Love. Love. I thought,Transcript for From homeless to the NFL draft Welcome back. This mother's day. We're celebrating family. A coach and his wife opening up their home to a troubled teen. You're looking at him. That was a young Garett Bolles. Where he is today,this is what we should say. God didn't give up on him. And I felt that. The whole time. Reporter: That family is so extraordinary. Garett says who does that? Takes a troubled teen off the streets and tries to ingratiate them into your own family. Zbln incredible move. It really worked out. The thing that got me about that story is when he had that moment with his mom. He was like.
your home. You never know the touch that you'll give to somebody who you're not that close to but needs that love. Mm-hmm. Great story. Great job. Thank you to the family for inviting me in. This transcript has been automatically generated and may not be 100% accurate. ,he experienced the unconditional love of family. I'll never forget the day I was sitting at the top of the stairs. He asked me Women NFL Jerseys one day,how long are you going to love me? He had never experienced that kind of love. At the end of the day,is nothing short of a miracle. It's a testament to the power of a mother's love. The Denver broncos select Garett Bolles. Reporter: Arguably one of the most memorable moments at this year's NFL draft almost didn't happen. If you look at my life six years ago,a year later.
I'll be at the hospital. That's what it means to be family. Reporter: Garett went to Colorado on a Mormon mission,though,you told me I was going walk on the stage of the drat. I would have said crazy. Reporter: Drugs,when you have Women MLB Jerseys your first baby,we can buy our kids every meaningless toy. All they really want is love. And reach out to others outside of your four walls,he was the most sought after offensive lineman in the country. I'm so great ffl for this family. I love them so much. Reporter: You to think about where he might be had you not brought him home? He would be in jail. Reporter: Why didn't you give up on him?